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Combine air and sea freight Asia?

Do you ever experience that there is just not enough time? Sometimes your company a cannot wait -  making air freight a good alternative.

ColliCare provides you with good solutions for:

  • Door-door delivery
  • Consolidation and Cross docking
  • Distribution in Scandinavia
  • Handling customs related documents
  • Complete overview of your logistics – from order to delivery with eCare, a userfriendly web-based system
  • Minimizing administration, and attaining better capacity in your company
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Eddie Wang, Managing Director  in ColliCare China
Eddie Wang
Managing Director China
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Cross Docking Asia
Cross Docking Asia
With Cross-Docking from ColliCare you save money while reducing your company’s environmental footprint..
Your co-worker in Asia
Your co-worker in Asia
ColliCare can be “your partner” and ensure quality assurance of production, deliveries and transport.